Real Estate Agent Magazine Sales and Marketing Research Indicates Optimal Time for Selling Homes Approaching in 2024

Research Indicates Optimal Time for Selling Homes Approaching in 2024

A recent analysis highlights historic listing metrics to identify when sellers can expect the greatest advantage this spring.

Mark your calendars: the week ending April 14 may offer ideal market conditions for home sellers, according to a study(link is external).

Study findings show that sellers could reap up to 34% more for their home when listing it between April 14-20, compared with earlier this year. Researchers attribute this potential increase to high buyer demand, low seller competition and few price cuts during that week–all factors working in sellers’ favor.

“Spring is typically the peak season for home sales and buyers tend to be more abundant earlier in the year,” notes Danielle Hale, chief economist of To maximize their chances of quickly selling their home at a competitive price, Danielle suggests sellers begin preparing now so their home is listed when conditions are most conducive. conducted an in-depth analysis to pinpoint the optimal time for listing by looking at week-by-week listing metrics such as home prices, days on market and number of listings from 2018-2023 excluding 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic’s outsized impact.

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