Real Estate Agent Magazine Sales and Marketing On the Frontlines: A Significant Move

On the Frontlines: A Significant Move

Real estate professionals share the strange, humorous, and meaningful experiences that have taken place while on the job.

One Step at a Time
Recently I assisted a client looking to escape city living and find land suitable for building either a small house, cabin or “barndo”. We reviewed numerous pieces of property before selecting one as their ideal spot.

One day while exploring the woods on our property, we came upon a small creek no more than four feet wide and three feet deep. Since I have long legs, I easily stepped over it without stopping. But when I turned back around, my client was still on the other side, assessing his obstacle; he kept backing up and starting forward but stopped often at its edge to think.

He expressed doubt about whether he could cross over, so I encouraged him to make the leap with ease and said I’d help. After making his attempt but falling directly onto the creek bed when making his jump, he grabbed onto me for support, pulling me along behind. Soon we were covered in mud, grass and cold water.

One of our neighbors saw all this unfold; not the best first impression to give; I know my client wanted to retreat under a rock! Instead, before setting out on our hour-and-a-half drive home we made use of their garden hose and cleaned as much up as possible with that water – including wringing our clothing out in order not to spread more mud onto my client’s leather seats – thank goodness they were heated!

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