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Welcome Home: REALTORS® Providing Value

“First-Time Buyer,” produced by NAR and available as an NAR streaming series, explores the relationship between real estate professionals and homebuyers, giving viewers a true portrayal of the buying process with all its obstacles and advantages.

“It can be discouraging when an 8-year-old hears you telling them ‘it’s not happening,'” Nicole laments after failing in nearly 12 offers on properties she wanted. Nicole is just one of eight stories featured in Season 4 of “First-Time Buyer,” an emotional yet inspirational series produced by the National Association of REALTORS(r). You and your customers can stream “First-Time Buyer” either on Hulu or is external). (LINK IS external) (link is external). REALTOR(rs(rs) agents play in helping first-time buyers secure their dream homes!

As with the other buyers featured in the series, Nicole has the benefit of an expert real estate professional by her side: Cindy helps rethink her strategy and eventually realize her dreams of homeownership. “Cindy has brought so much energy and hope,” Nicole states. “Without Cindy I wouldn’t be here right now as an owner.”

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