Real Estate Agent Magazine News & Commentary Message from the President: Full Participation Needed

Message from the President: Full Participation Needed

Your knowledge and experience will make a huge difference.
The sale of a home is not always as easy as driving on the highway. It’s more often a bumpy, winding road that involves detours and pit stops. Your knowledge and experience are invaluable. We’ve met thousands through this year’s Riding with the Brand Tour, the finest professionals in our industry who put clients first. Even as we celebrate the REALTOR(r), brand, we’re in a legal fight against those who don’t know or appreciate the value that REALTORS(r), and local broker markets, bring to clients. Facts are on our side. We will win. We need everyone on board. has resources explaining what we do, how home purchases work, and the importance of local broker markets. These resources will help the public understand how REALTORS(r), who are the people behind the scenes, work. You are appreciated for everything you do. You are appreciated for riding with the Brand.

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