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Our Exciting Next Chapter

The interim CEO of NAR says that the association needs to continue promoting its mission, and educating others about their rich history and all they have to offer.
The year 2023 marked a time of transition in our industry and association. NAR staff and members remained committed to our shared goal of helping Americans realize their dream of home ownership, despite the challenges.

I am still awestruck by the work of this association, and I remain optimistic about what we will be able to accomplish in the months ahead. Two critical priorities are what I will be working on to help NAR move forward and into its next great chapter.

We must continue to promote the mission of NAR and inform others about its rich history, and all that we believe is great about NAR members. We must continue to stand firm in the face of misinformation and attacks against our association. We are using every opportunity to counter false claims and demonstrate the value REALTORS® and NAR offer. It’s now time to ensure that others feel the same way, both within and outside of the real estate industry.

I am focused on making the right decisions from a business standpoint to help this organization move into its new chapter. NAR has been around for 115 years and has undergone many changes to stay at the forefront of its industry. I want to be a part of the effort to help NAR achieve its next 100 years of success.

I am confident about the opportunities that NAR will have in the coming year. We are both committed to making sure that our association remains a positive force within the real estate sector.

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