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The Definitive Guide to Smart Homes: 24 Noteworthy Products

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, an abundance of smart home products provided a glimpse into our future living environments.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), new smart home products were unveiled that cater to the evolving needs of homeowners and modern buyers. These innovations demonstrate what modern buyers seek in a home, which makes understanding these features all the more essential in an increasingly competitive real estate market.

Whirlpool SlimTech Insulation
Whirlpool’s SlimTech Insulation represents an innovative advance in refrigerator technology, replacing polyurethane foam insulation with an innovative powder blend vacuum sealed within the door or sides of the fridge and offering up to 66% less wall thickness, creating more space within it.

2. Kohler: Luxury Showers and Toilets
Kohler unveiled luxurious smart-home bathroom products such as updates to its Numi 2.0 smart toilet and Stillness Bath models. Their Anthem+ Digital Control allows integrated control over water, light, sound, and steam in the bathroom for an unparalleled sanctuary experience.

3. Pawport Pet Door
Pawport is an automatic pet door cover which can be programmed through an app and paired with collar tags, opening remotely when your pet approaches. Providing security and convenience to pet owners by enabling remote control access as well as setting curfew times and tracking data.

SmartWings Shades Recently, SmartWings unveiled its newest product line – Nowa shades – marking the world’s first Matter-certified cellular window shades. Nowa shades provide thermal insulation and noise isolation by virtue of their honeycomb structure that reduces heat exchange while conserving energy, as well as customizable features to meet customers’ aesthetic and functional requirements.

Govee unveiled two innovative lighting products, the AI Sync Box Kit 2 and Neon Rope Light 2, designed to elevate gamers’ gaming experiences. Compatible with Matter, Alexa and Google Assistant systems respectively, these newcomers feature smoother multicolor effects as well as more flexible designs compared to its predecessor, while AI Sync Box Kit 2 offers dynamic light synchronization during gameplay.

6. GE Lighting Savant has introduced its Cync Reveal HD+ Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures and Pucks that provide exceptional clarity with millions of color choices for an immersive lighting experience. Installed as either plug-ins or hardwired options, these lights can be controlled using Alexa, Google Voice Voice Control or Matter to give users control of their experience.

7. Savant Power Storage System
Savant unveiled their Power Storage System that allows users to easily monitor and control energy consumption through its app, Savant. This innovative device can reduce costs during peak pricing periods while providing power to entire households during blackouts.

8. Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra: Portable Battery Backup
EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra is an intelligent hybrid whole-house battery generator and backup system. It draws power from multiple sources – solar panels and grid power are among them – with up to 90kWh battery capacity that’s designed to keep home essentials running for up to one month at a time.

Emporia Home Energy Management
Emporia’s Smart Home Energy Management System aims to reduce energy bills and carbon footprints by 30-50%. The system automates energy use via smart plugs, EV chargers, home batteries and thermostats; V2X Charging Station (a car charger that powers homes via car batteries); Alpha-ESS Smart Home Battery System which offers up to 49 kWh energy storage; homeowners can monitor these systems using Emporia Smart Home Energy Management App for remote management and control of their systems.

U-Tec Unveils Apple Key Compatibility
U-Tec’s Bolt NFC smart lock, compatible with Apple HomeKit and HomeKey, allows effortless unlocking using Siri, the Home app or HomeKey-enabled iPhones or watches. Featuring keypad and integrated WiFi for multiple-user access options and ease of installation. U-Tec also displayed its Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter deadbolt lock featuring fingerprint reader technology.

Securam just unveiled their newly released security-focused smart wall switches, now available worldwide for purchase. These switches boast enhanced security features and customization, including integrated laser motion detection sensors, ambient light sensors, night lights and backlit buttons – ideal features to increase privacy in the home environment. There are two configurations of Wi-Fi Security Switch and Dimmer Switch available with this series: the Wi-Fi Security Switch and Dimmer Switch respectively.

12. Lockly Visage
Lockly recently unveiled a smart lock that raises new standards in home security. Equipped with advanced facial recognition technology for keyless entry, this revolutionary product also offers various other access options including “HackProof” digital keypad with up to 52 access codes and advanced fingerprint sensing as well as RFID cards for authentication purposes.

13. Aqara U300
The Aqara U300 smart lock is an indoor/outdoor locking device designed to replace standard lever or knob locks. Featuring fingerprint security, PIN codes and wireless data transmission capabilities – as well as compatibility with various voice assistants including Apple Home – this innovative smart lock aims to elevate smart home experience through innovative features and multiple platforms.

Roborock, an industry-leader in smart vacuum and mopping solutions, unveiled its S8 Max Series models, featuring trademarked designs to ensure complete cleanliness. Its RockDock(r) Ultra provides automated maintenance with hot water and heated air as well as mop rewashing/remopping capability; S8 MaxSeries delivers industry-leading suction power; the S8 MaxV Ultra includes features buyers didn’t realize were necessary such as voice assistant, video calling support Matter protocol support and Reactive AI 2.0 obstacle recognition capabilities.

15. Ecovacs Ecovacs unveiled the GOAT GX-600 automatic lawn mower at NAFEM 2015. This sophisticated mower utilizes built-in cameras for boundary detection, eliminating the need for boundary wires. Furthermore, its smart technology enables quick setup via app-based controls and automatic recharging as well as AIVI 3D obstacle avoidance technology to ensure efficient yet safe lawn maintenance.

16. Eureka’s latest, the OmniVerse vacuum, features an extendable body for easier under furniture cleaning as well as QuickShift technology to transition to handheld use. Furthermore, this large canister vacuum boasts anti-tangle brush technology for homes with pets – perfect!

Narwal released their Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus vacuum mops onto the market, offering fresh cleaning solutions. The Freo X Ultra boasts an innovative U-shaped air duct for high airflow with floating brushes to prevent hair tangling as well as triangular mops with EdgeSwing technology for efficient cleaning; whilst its counterpart, Freo X Plus, shares many features of its Ultra counterpart but lacks its self-cleaning station.

Dreame X30
Dreame unveiled the Dreame X30 Ultra robot vacuum as a revolutionary home cleaning device. Boasting 8,300Pa of Vormax(tm) Suction and MopExtend(tm), the X30 Ultra is equipped with MopExtend technology that allows it to smoothly navigate under furniture without disrupting its path. Also offering easy hands-free maintenance via its Anti-Tangle TriCut Brush; which removes hair trapped between its bristles before transporting it into its dustbag for disposal ensuring smooth brush maintenance for smooth operations.

19. Yarbo unveils its modular robotic lawnmower that can also serve as a snowblower, giving homeowners more convenience and efficiency with seasonal yard maintenance tasks.

Mammotion introduced their LUBA 2 AWD robotic lawnmower series, suitable for lawns up to 2.5 acres. This innovative system features dual navigation systems, bionic 3D vision with accurate obstacle avoidance capabilities, rain detection detection and the capability of mowing customized designs into lawns. Furthermore, this all-terrain device can handle inclines up to 38 degrees as well as traversing through muddy terrain, setting a new standard in robotic lawn mowing technology.

Weber Grills Weber introduced several groundbreaking products, such as the SUMMIT smart gas grill with top-down infrared broiling and SmartControl technology for remote monitoring and control, the SLATE gas griddle collection featuring its exclusive rust-resistant surface, fast heat capabilities and DirectFlame heat distribution and temperature regulation system for convenient smoking or searing experiences, and lastly the SEARWOOD wood pellet grill which features DirectFlame heat distribution and temperature regulation for an exciting smoked-to-searing experience.

Reolink showcased their revolutionary Duo 3 PoE 16 MP Camera at ISC West 2018, which integrates two high-resolution lenses to produce a 180-degree panoramic view with minimal distortion. Reolink also launched their hybrid dual-lens technology TrackMix Series and consumer grade security camera Argus Track which offer features including 4K color images, dual view display, and hybrid zoom.

Abode unveiled their Edge Camera as an innovative product in home security, featuring Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow system, which provides wireless range of up to 1.5 miles and AI capabilities such as motion, people, and vehicle detection with flexible placement options due to its extensive range and six month battery life.

Belkin Unveils Auto Tracking Stand Pro Belkin has introduced the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro as the world’s first accessory designed to leverage Apple’s DockKit framework. Equipped with a motorized base capable of full 360o swivel and up to 90-degree tilt adjustment, this stand allows it to follow users and stay within frame as they move about their environment. MagSafe compatible, this fast wireless charging accessory also includes fast wireless charging capabilities for up to five hours of continuous use!

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