Real Estate Agent Magazine Technology Selecting Smart Shades: Key Considerations for Homeowners

Selecting Smart Shades: Key Considerations for Homeowners

Home decors benefit greatly from having shades that bring both comfort and ambience into their rooms. The right shades add both elements.

Selecting smart window shades is a key part of bringing smart technology into the home, and our journey began by fulfilling one specific need in our newly renovated home theater.

Last summer, my wife and I set out to create an intimate home cinematic experience by renovating our basement and creating a private area in which to watch movies and shows together. However, one window added natural light that threatened to disturb our cinematic experience; we wanted the room as dark as possible for optimal screen viewing.

Selecting and installing shades needn’t be a complex process. Through our experience, here’s what we have learned that can assist homeowners through this journey.

At first, we considered DIY installation; but after becoming more aware of all its complexities, we opted for professional assistance instead. Working with Ultra Fidelity(link is external), a local dealer in Minnesota proved invaluable; Mark, their expert measured our windows, provided material samples and suggested PowerShades as the ideal product ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

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