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CES 2024 Unveils Hidden Tech Transforming Everyday Home Items

Numerous everyday household items are getting technological upgrades you wouldn’t notice at first glance, such as your quartz kitchen countertop being transformed into an efficient charger for your devices.

Companies debuted forward-thinking and AI-powered innovations for the home during CES 2024’s opening night on Tuesday in Las Vegas. Over 4,000 exhibitors are present this year; many demonstrating how common household products can become smarter with connectivity features. Here are some highlights from CES 2024.

Transparent TVs After years of prototypes and trials, transparent TVs are finally making it to stores later this year. LG announced in June it will begin selling its 77-inch 4K transparent OLED TV, which won CES 2024 Best of Innovation Award. Offering 3D-like viewing experience and zero connect technology allowing it to be placed anywhere within any room seamlessly delivering video and audio signals wirelessly, transparent TVs are finally becoming reality and taking over shelves later this year.

This TV features an OLED panel, but also includes the option of using opaque film as a “contrast screen.” When this film is rolled up it provides more traditional TV viewing. Furthermore, its “T-Bar” (think news ticker) at the bottom can project information such as news, weather or time updates.

Samsung showcased an ultra-transparent TV featuring its Micro OLED display technology at CES this year, although no exact release date for it was given.

At CES 2024, one trend became clear: TV manufacturers seemed more focused than ever on making the screen disappear when not being used.

Downsized Appliances
Appliance manufacturers are developing all-in-one combos that could save space in your laundry room. LG and Samsung both demonstrated washer-dryer combos; Samsung claims their All-in-One Washer and Dryer Combo can save both time and space by being combined into a single unit.

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