Real Estate Agent Magazine Home and Design Trends in Real Estate and Design to Keep an Eye on in 2024

Trends in Real Estate and Design to Keep an Eye on in 2024

From ecosystem conservation to “new” darker neutrals in exterior paint, we take a look at the trends set to emerge this year in the industry.

Keep up with what’s trendy and innovative in design and real estate is important not just to stay trendy but to gain insights into more sustainable materials, systems and products that could benefit our planet as a whole. Also consider new uses for rooms to maximize square footage while simultaneously adding joy into our lives – check out these 10 trends which could affect single or multifamily housing units positively!

Homeowners Are Likely to Retain Existing Square Foot
With 30-year fixed mortgage interest rates still at historically high levels and inventory remaining low, many homeowners plan on remaining put and making upgrades or expanding existing square footage as opposed to moving. According to Laurel Vernazza of Scarsdale-based The Plan Collection – a provider of pre-drawn plans- many of those without plans of moving have wish lists that include optimizing or expanding current square footage.

Sustainable features for sustainable homes may include accessory dwelling units as zoning laws change, pickleball courts, renovated basements with saunas and sauna baths, media centers and game rooms as working from home continues, home offices for increased flexibility, etc.
Outdoor space must include both ground level and elevated spaces for relaxation and fun activities.
AI-driven technology to make homes simpler to use and more energy-efficient is timely: Homeowners today want an active home with reduced maintenance and energy usage costs, sustainable materials sourced locally to reduce carbon emissions while supporting local businesses (especially millennials and Generation Z), better waterproofing features in materials used, as well as garages that accommodate battery back-up systems should power go out, according to Jonathan Boriack, AIA, LEED AP Principal of KTGY Oakland in California.

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