Real Estate Agent Magazine Broker News Returning to Fundamentals: Cultivating Relationships within Your Office and Community

Returning to Fundamentals: Cultivating Relationships within Your Office and Community

Agents cannot be the only ones building relationships; broker-agent relations should also work toward long-term success and stability.

Relationship-building was on a backslide during recent years for many in the industry due to pandemic-related restrictions and market frenzy, making it hard to find time or bandwidth to establish meaningful connections. Now, however, tight inventory and high prices mean industry professionals must return to building long-term partnerships in order to survive in today’s environment.

“Respect and honesty will bring success,” asserts Michele Harrington, CEO of First Team Real Estate in Newport Beach, California. She serves as federal political coordinator of the National Association of REALTORS(r) (NAR), as well as serving on both boards: CAR and NAR.

Relationships are essential to real estate success – that goes for both brokers and agents alike. From your community to business partners to within your office, investing time in building relationships could prove pivotal to your brokerage’s long-term success.

Your Agents Agents are one of your greatest assets, so building relationships with them shows that you care about more than their production numbers.

Real estate can be one of the most challenging fields. “It can be an emotional roller coaster ride,” according to Monet Yarnell, broker-owner of Sell 207 in Belfast, Maine.

Monet Yarnell places health and wellness as top priorities in her office in Belfast, Maine. As the broker-owner of Sell 207 Real Estate LLC, she ensures her agents know she cares for them holistically by supporting their health goals.

Each member of her team wears and uses a performance monitor which tracks cardiovascular health, sleep quality and fitness metrics to provide daily recommendations on what steps can be taken to feel better – in an industry known for being stressful, the monitor serves as an invaluable way to decrease stress while building team morale.

“This fosters relationships on an intimate human level. If we don’t feel our best as professionals, our performance may suffer,” she asserts. To maintain that positive atmosphere between them and keep themselves fit and well as professionals. Together they attempt to work out together or attend fitness classes together.

She makes it her goal to support agents’ individual fitness goals, such as one agent serving in the military who’s taking part in an Army fitness challenge.

Yarnell encourages her in her training efforts. What’s important to them should also be important to you; and you need to show up for each other.”

Harrington employs more than 2,000 agents, so it may be more challenging for her to form strong bonds with each individual agent compared to Yarnell; but that doesn’t make it impossible; it just looks different.

“(As) a broker, you should always strive to be available and responsive when your clients reach out,” according to Sackman. Good communication plays an essential role in creating an inviting workplace culture.

On Mondays, she sends out an email with motivation for the week, and any time someone responds she makes sure to reply immediately so her agents know she’s an active participant in communication and available. “It only takes five seconds – yet it is so essential!” says Lisa.

Maintaining strong relationships with managers is also critical; you may not be able to reach every agent directly yourself; they act as conduits between agents and management. “Your vision for your company should be shared regularly with managers so you have one united front,” Harrington advises.

She hosts one-on-one and mastermind meetings with top agents that allow for free-flowing discussions.

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