Real Estate Agent Magazine Commercial Observing 5 Commercial Real Estate Design Trends for 2024

Observing 5 Commercial Real Estate Design Trends for 2024

Wellness, adaptable space and innovation top an architecture firm’s list of anticipated popular commercial features in 2019.

Wellness has been on the minds of commercial real estate businesses in the post-pandemic era, as more companies prioritize amenities to promote employee health and convenience in the workplace. SGA Architecture Design Planning Group from Northeast offers its predictions for hot design trends in commercial real estate in 2024.

Recent Studies Demonstrate Wellness-Focused Workspace With recent studies illustrating that healthier indoor environments help attract and retain employees, more companies are prioritizing wellness retrofits in their workspaces – even going as far as earning certifications such as Revolution Labs’ WELL Certification application for its space – which shows organizations’ dedication to including wellness amenities within their buildings. SGA points out the example of Revolution Labs which plans on earning such certification.

Revolution Labs recently installed wellness hubs across its new office space in Lexington, Mass.

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