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Crafting a Home that Promotes Connection

Unaware that different generations and their interests require different furniture solutions can make everyone feel at home. By understanding which furniture choices and layouts can best meet these needs, everyone will feel welcomed and at ease in their environment.

Home is a place for us all to come together and create memories together. A designated room like a kitchen or living space often serves as the place for dialogue and quality time with loved ones, creating bonds through shared comfort and joy between parties as well as within spaces themselves.

As isolation from the pandemic heightened our yearning for connection, creating an intentional space where family and friends could congregate provides an effective antidote.

Some key components can help a home’s atmosphere. New York-based Urban Staging, led by Amanda Wiss and featuring boutique home staging firm services, offers advice from its design team led by Amanda Wiss to achieve an open, warm feeling through strategic use of lighting, intimate furniture groupings and layers of texture and accessories such as books, candles, plants and blankets which create a lived-in, loved look. Homeowners can draw inspiration from furniture stores vignettes or photos in home magazines as well as online staged listings or our pundit’s advice given below which offers five scenarios to achieve variations on conviviality while offering tips to avoid disconnection.

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