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Assist Your Agents in Cultivating Habits of Successful Professionals

Share these five tips with your team to boost optimism and equip them to become more productive.

We surveyed top producing real estate professionals across the country about their daily habits that have helped them to be successful, in order to help brokers better train and motivate agents who may need assistance. Now, their insights can be used by brokers as tools for motivating agents.

Here are five tips you should share with your team.

1. Top professionals display unbridled, passionate optimism.
Optimism goes beyond seeing things through rose-tinted glasses: it encompasses confidence, assurance, enthusiasm and hopefulness – qualities which top professionals possess unabashedly and passionately.cit Unbridled passionate optimism means being able to express these qualities throughout your actions and words–an essential characteristic for everyday success.

Even when faced with daunting obstacles and setbacks, remaining optimistic makes an enormous difference in both business processes and results. W. Clement Stone, author of The Success System That Never Fails said it best: “People may differ but even the slightest difference makes an immense difference; and that small difference lies within themselves – which we call attitude.”

One way to remain positive and optimistic when faced with what seems like an impossible challenge or “blown deal” is by internalizing and repeating “It’s too soon to tell.” Just as situations and deals can deteriorate quickly, they also have potential to rebound quickly if given enough time. By internalizing and repeating “It’s too soon to tell”, you provide yourself and your clients with open-ended options – something no one ever knows what might lie ahead!

2. Top professionals possess superior market knowledge.
True market expertise goes far beyond pricing, comps, and market trends – it includes developing relationships with companies relocating executives into or out of your local market; knowing which financial options are available to clients across their wealth spectrum; as well as finding inventory even if there’s nothing listed on your local MLS!

3. Top professionals are constantly upgrading their skills. Top professionals know that the skills that once made them successful won’t translate to this current market as effectively if at all.

Top professionals are regularly upgrading their presentations for both sellers and buyers. Just as tech companies upgrade their apps and software, top professionals must also update their technical abilities in order to take full advantage of improved and enhanced apps and products. Top professionals also keep honing their social media expertise while honing remote presentation skills – knowing full well that remote work will remain part of life and so acting accordingly.

4. Top professionals tend to say yes more often than no. They are willing to agree even when they do not know exactly how to carry out what their client requests of them; top professionals educate themselves or find sources that can satisfy the wants or needs their client has.

And it goes without saying, that the more knowledge you gain about whatever field or discipline, the greater your sense of confidence, self-assurance and enthusiastic optimism you’ll feel about providing quality client services.

5. Top professionals lead rather than follow.
They take proactive rather than reactive approaches; are versatile and don’t tolerate unnecessary drama; don’t allow their emotions to overshadow their purpose of providing outstanding client services at all times while at the same time showing care and concern for client interests.

“It’s too soon to tell” can serve as an apt way of reinforcing this habit of leading rather than following, while giving yourself permission to remain calm and neutral regardless of another’s emotions, mistakes or omissions.

Brokers should assist their agents by reinforcing the habits of top professionals. If you want to learn more, take a listen to our podcast (link is external), where in each episode we explore what it takes to become a successful real estate practitioner.

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